M W Shepherd

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Funeral Services

Carriage Masters

Our Volvo Nilsson fleet consists of 3 hearses and 4 limousines. All our vehicles are provided with a driver who can assist you on the day.

Hearses carry up to 5 people and are fitted with an electric rise and fall deck. They are fully equipped with a wheeled collapsible bier, webbing, ropes and soil box, as required. We can also provide bespoke signage to display your company details for a personalised touch.

Limousines are the 6 door model and accommodate up to 8 people, including driver. They are spacious and provide superior comfort for the family.  All our limousines are fitted with full height partitions to comply with COVID regulations enabling safety and privacy.

We pride ourselves on our vehicles being presented to the highest standard and are washed and sanitised after every use.

Funeral Support

We can provide additional support for your funeral business. Our Services include;

  • First call removal available 24/7 with our Wilcox Ford Hearsette equipped with double deck, Auden stretchers and relevant PPE.
  • National repatriation nationwide including collection of paperwork
  • Additional pall bearers as required at a funeral

If there is anything else we can do to help, or you have any additional requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.